I Do Spilnu Just To Quench My Cravings

5 Nov 2015, by admin

I have to be honest and true that I love playing slot machine, although I would say that I am not a gambler nor that much addicted to it. It is just my favorite past time as it is fun and exciting seeing it roll with a lot of possibilities. When we are younger, I usually go with my friends, we are a group of five with mixed gender in the group and when we get inside the casino, we go our own way as we enjoy different machines and there are two of our friends that enjoys playing cards. We are there to enjoy and so be it and let the night roll away. 

Those were the times when we are young, free and single when we could be restless and wild and does not really care much what time is it and the only problem that we had was that allowance is already running low. But then after we all graduated from university and became professionals, we now seldom go to casino or any gambling zones, we usually group up either in a restaurant to have dinner or have a good cup of java in a coffee shop, and usually together with our partners and spouses for some. More information on Spilnu Bonuskode on kodebonus.

Time have really changed, although once in a while I still do miss the slot machine, so I would log on to Spilnu Bonuskode and play there online for a couple of hours just to be amused and there are times that I would be lucky and would win a couple of bucks but the main thing is that I am enjoying and without the hassle of going to the casino physically and not being seen specially by other people who are quite conservative and some old friends there as well as I am already married and with kids.

The Winner Casino Kod Kuponu Pledge and Promise

5 Nov 2015, by admin

If you're a poker beginner, a casino code coupon can allow you to play free of charge, which allows you to develop your strategies so that you have the chance of getting better at money games. There are also codes and bonuses for you to receive, most of which are newbie-friendly. Many a winner casino kod kuponu is of the signup bonus or sticky bonus variety designed to entice new players to join the fray. At any rate, there are certain aspects to virtual gaming that make it superior to real-life gambling. Your skills won't lie and in an online casino, your success depends more about your luck and ability rather than your money, your connections, and cred (credit or credibility, either one can fit).

No Deposit Bonuses in a Nutshell

  • No deposit bonuses exist because product samples are an effective marketing tool. Like a trial version of a program, if you like the program you're using and you're satisfied with its performance, chances are you'll buy it and its future releases. You'd never otherwise know how good it is without the trial period. No deposit bonuses (as opposed to deposit bonuses or signup bonuses) work the same manner.
  • No deposit bonuses, as the term suggests, are bonuses you can avail of during or by virtue of free play. You don't need a deposit to use them, but the catch here is that because you have no deposit on the site, you can't withdraw them. Not until you make an account and play these bonuses with real risk involved that you can withdraw them and your winnings.
  • These bonus codes are actually quite ingenious in that they allow you to have a taste of what it's like to win money without giving you money, thus giving you incentive to play for keeps and earn real money. Until you actually make a deposit, the number of winnings you get through a no deposit bonus code are just that; a number with no cash equivalent.

Slot Machines: Matching Up the Icons for the Prize

4 Nov 2015, by admin

Aside from the card games like poker and blackjack, there are casino machines that serve as the alternative form of entertainment for the casino regulars who want to stay away from the cards. Casino machines include slot machines and the spinning roulettes which are both complicated machinations but still providing the fun times for the customers. These casino devices have become the staple for the fun area ever since the first traces of their existence have been uncovered, and without these machines, there will be no variety, no other options for the casino regulars to play until they have to go home.

The construction of the casino slot machines and even the roulette are intricate, and they have to withstand the prolonged usage by millions of players, so they have to be created meticulously.

Now, let’s look at what makes slot machines the fun game for both casino veterans and rookies.

Fun Match-ups

Slot machines have a huge variety, from the simple three-icon machines to the multi-line slot machines wherein people can win even when the matching icons are forming different lines. All it takes is an insert of the coin and the push on the lever for the machine to operate.

The simplest slot machines consist of three icons on the screen in which all the icons have to match up at the center so that the coins will rain down below. As for the multi-line slot machines, there is more than one combo in order to obtain the bonuses, so it’s more than just a straight line to get the win as long as the matching icons are close to forming a line.

Whether it’s with the simple 3-icon counterpart or even the complex version, slot machines will always be part of the list of things that should be looked upon when checking out the casino.

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Consistent And Long Term Bonus Opportunities When Gambling At Online Casinos

4 Nov 2015, by admin

If you are looking into earning more money to put into your online casino account, you should look into the bonuses the online casino offers. You probably would have already used a bet365 Casino Código del Bonus upon signing up, but have you considered bonuses that you could get on a more consistent and long term basis? If the online casino you have an account with offers a ‘Refer a Friend’ incentive to their current members then you should consider it

 You can bring in all your friends to join in the fun while earning bonuses from them at the same time. This is a win-win situation as more traffic is diverted to the online casino website.

How a ‘Refer a Friend’ Bonus WorksThe ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus program is very easy to do as all you have to do is invite your friends to sign up. Your friends must not be an existing member and they have to indicate your name or your account number during the sign up. Once they have already registered, they must open up a real money account for their initial deposit. This triggers an incentive for you. Learn about bet365 Casino Código del Bonus on codigo777.es .


 Many online casino members use the ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus program once they have already met the wagering requirements for their bet365 Casino Código del Bonus.
How You Benefit from ‘Refer a Friend’ BonusesJust like bet365 Casino Código del Bonus opportunities, ‘Refer a Friend’ bonuses will also have their own set of rules and requirements. 

These rules and requirements must be followed in order to receive the bonus or else you forfeit the bonus. While some online casinos have a limit for the number of friends you refer each month and give a specific bonus amount, others award bonuses based on a certain percentage of the amount of money deposited by the referred people.

“The Casino Jackpot Was My Wife”

4 Nov 2015, by admin

frequent the place way back then as the slot machine is very therapeutic for me and relieves my stress from a week of hard work in the office. I would just sit there for hours watching the machines spin and the background sound of casino is like music to my ears and all of a sudden the jackpot bell sounds off and then the machine in front of me lights up and I just realized that I have won the grand jackpot and the lady beside me congratulated me and said that it was my lucky day. More information on keyword on More information on casino fantasia Código Promocionalon www.casinobono.org.

 I was stunned not that I won the slot machine prize but from the lady and she was like the most beautiful girl I have ever see. After collecting my win, I decided to drop by the coffee shop nearby to chill for a while and most of the table are occupied and luckily I spotted the lady beside me on the far end and asked her if she was waiting for somebody and if I can share the table with her for a little while. She confirmed that she was alone and I could share it with her.

 I offered to treat her a drink and she was thankful for it and we have a good chat and it turns out that we have a lot in common and everything was history. After a few months of dating, she became my wife, but then we now seldom go to the casino, and more of just a past time these days. And we would resort to online casino and with bet365 Casino Código del Bonus we got some extra credits to enjoy more time playing our favorite casino games.